Scandal in Spring

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Series: Wallflowers (#4)
Genres: Fiction » Love & Romance
As seems to be typical for most endings to a series of standalones, I felt that Daisy's story kind of got crammed in with a few other plots and events, not to mention occasionally railroaded by other characters (oh Lillian, you were kind of annoying in this one), which was kind of unfortunate. The romance between Daisy and her man, Matthew, was sweet but also.. kind of flat? Rushed? I'm not sure how I feel about this one, to be honest. But the epilogue was so so lovely. I know there's still one more book to go -- I guess? it's like an extended novella and features a non-Wallflower couple so I'm not sure it counts, really -- so while this isn't actually goodbye I think, nonetheless, it was the perfect end to their story.
Scandal in Spring
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Guest a year ago

I could not stop reading until I finished. Wanting to know what was going to happen next. I love how the personalities of each person stand out so differently.

Guest 5 years ago

Finally..i have now finished reading the fourth book in the "Wallflowers" series "Scandal in Spring" about the youngest of the four wallflowers Daisy Bowman who finds her soulmate in the one man she has always detested,but a man who have secretly loved her after all these years.
Lisa Kleypas writes an marvellous love-story and proves yet again how deep and severe the power of love can be.

Daisy is an idealist, a dreamer, a mercurial creature who alternated between childlike whimsy and shrewd intelligence.Her love of books is something i always adored about her-we both have the same interest when it comes to Romantic Novels!
But soon after meeting Matthew Swift she realizes that the reality can be far more wonderful than fantasy-and that`s where i loved her growth and understanding when it came to the world.

Matthew had always longed after his Daisy-a young woman he always had found as a fascinating exotic creature.One of Matthew’s more convenient skills was the ability to store long lists of figures in his head. He loved numbers, their patterns and secrets, the way something complex could be reduced to something simple. In mathematics, unlike life, there was always a solution, a definite answer.And i loved it when he had to come clean about Daisy-to move forward in his love for her,when it was so clear that he couldn`t resist her.

He is a smart handsome man,caring,curious,ambitious and very carefree when it comes to his Daisy.I love the way she made him jealous-GOD how funny these scenes were.!The scene where they fought each other while playing bowls was hilarious-and how annoyed Westcliff and Lillian was,haha!The sex-scenes was totally hot and beautiful at the same time,love that Matthew plans to put up walls round their garden to ravish Daisy whenever he wants..!Ahh but they are perfect for each other..!And their banter was so enjoyable and fun to read.

I love the scene where Daisy mentions to Matthew in her bedroom right before he makes love to her,that it before had been Westcliffs sisters room (heroine from "Again the Magic".And that a handsome stable boy used to climb up the balcony to be with her (hero from "Again the Magic".I knew directly that it was Aline and McKenna she mentioned and i was soooo happy,miss Aline and McKenna so much!
In the end of the book we also see a secret Sebastian and Evie had..a BABY!God how excited i was.I love these two so much in "Devil in Winter" that are amongst my fav novels ever..!Westcliff and Lillian are as beautiful couple as they are,and i truly adored the little scenes with these two,and a big fat kiss from me to Anabelle and Simon (Hero and heroine from "Secrets of a Summer Night")

The deep pure friendship between these four Wallflowers undid me.They share a bond of deep, caring trust.Always there for each other.Oh,like i fell for "Hathaways" i now have fallen for "Wallflowers"..Lisa Kleypas simply writes amazing,with uniqe love-storys that presents unforgettable characters.I soon will be off to read the next book in the series "A Wallflower Christmas" about Daisy`s and Lillians wild brother Rafe Bowman as the hero,i am looking forward to it!

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