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Miniya says:
I so enjoyed this novel.This time around Bean is flying with his children FTL waiting to see if a cure for their giantism is developed, so they can return.Longer than a Novella, but apparently the idea was going to be a short story and developed from there. So much to like and it adds to the whole story universe. As an audiobook I really like having Orson Scott Card's talk about the story at the end of it as he has done with other of this series.
Shadows in Flight, the fifth and final book in Orson Scott Card's Shadow series, chronicles the voyage taken by Bean (the Giant) and his 3 genetically altered children Ender, Carlotta, and Cincinnatus, as they travel through space at relativistic speeds. The hope was for the human race to discover a cure for the genetic condition suffered by everyone on board before they painfully died of giantism. Throughout the journey, the children are forced to come to terms with utter loneliness, love, and death. This novel explores these theme
...s magnificently and never have I felt so emotionally connected to fictional characters. The final page of this series is truly beautiful, a moment that the reader will never forget. What an enjoyable and fulfilling series this has been for meMoreLess
Shadows in Flight
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Musical Armageddon 5 years ago

heh i thought this was going to be a full length novel so i finished this in one sitting (4/5, nothing is perfect)

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