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So B. It, is a realistic fiction book by Sarah Weeks. The problem is this 12 year old girl named Heidi has a mother that is disabled and she is taken care of by her next door neighbor Bernadette. Her mother says the word soof and she doesn’t know what she means by it. She travels across the country (Wyoming to New York) in search of what her mother's word means. This was an interesting novel with a strong plot; that’s easy to follow along with. This story will for sure keep you page flipping until the end.

This is most definitely one of the sweetest, saddest books I have ever read. A beautiful story of love, bravery, and heartbreak, so b it is one of my favorite novels. If you’re thinking of reading it, I say go for it! it’s not a very hard read, and I think everyone should get a chance to fall in love with this stupendous story the way I have❤️

“People cry, not because they’re weak, but because they’ve been strong for to long”
You know..Sarah We


eks was a new author to me, and yet this book seemed so familiar. I have a family that has more than enough medical problems from kidney failure to heart diseases to whatever else. You name it, someone in my family is bound to have it. I know it's hard to live with someone who has medical problems, but the end still made a tear fall.
I've never met someone who could only say less than 50 words that was under the age of 5. But Heidi's mom was in her 30's or 40's. And she had medical problems that might have driven someone off a roof. Heidi had the patience to help her. Well until soof came along.
That darn camera brought the word soof around more than once. That's of course when you'd go cross country to find out something about your past. I mean, to only know your first name? And that's it about your past? Wouldn't you do all the way across the country just to find out something about you and your mother? I know I would.
*SPOILERS* The past of Heidi kind of sent me spinning. The owner of where Heidi's mother used to live, is her grandfather. And her grandmother was hit by a bus. Then her mother dies. Seriously, I would break down crying because of all that. It would be too much for me to handle. I'd rather close the case on her history and leave it at the bottom of a lake. Anything to be hurting that much. Her whole life changed in the matter of days. Kind of shows you that it's time for you to start living, huh?

So B. It
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alicea09 a year ago

This was an easy read and I was able to finish it quickly! It was a very heartfelt book that took me on an emotional journey. If you're anything like me, be prepared for a good cry!

Guest 6 years ago

love love love this book! What a nice look into the lives of people we need to know better.

Guest 6 years ago

This is an interesting book!

Guest 6 years ago

This was such an easy, sweet and heartfelt read. I finished it in about 2 hours and truly wished for more; Maybe a sequel on Heidi. So nice to read something that isn't filled with filth and vulgarity. So B. It for all it's heartbreaking story line has a sweet, uplifting quality.

Guest 6 years ago


Guest 5 years ago


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