Sonnets And Nuggets

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: Superior ideals, pure thoughts of love, Are best deep-draughted in poet's sonnet. Thrills of true heart, now hot Cupid's won it, With sentimental journeys up above, All soft-robed in white down of Peace's dove Weft in technique, with poesy the woof, Should constitute the poet's realm?his roof? His mansion in the skies: whence he may rove Forth, into worlds of matter, grave, of fact: Where most of romance reeketh in foulled sweet; And sure release is governed by one's tact: Where Heaven sitteth limned in bread and meat. Yet, what more true, convincing; than the fact That opulence, sound wealth, is Heaven's seat. We lisp in numbers our sweet songs of love: We find in rhyme record of our fond dreams: We yearn to soar, above these noisy streams, To seek something better: for this we rove. We wing on nothingnes


s through thought above: We cleave impenetrable mists of soul; Ever attaining impossible goal; For which we've generations?eone?strove. We wander into realms of poesy, Where meandering streams of idea flow: Evading all horrific, plain, prosy; Just where fine fancy may elect to go. Yet, yet oh Muse, come tell of wealth cozy: Fountain of youth, it but will make us grow. They told me thou wert beautiful, sweet, mine: That all the soul of Nature dwelt in thee: That thou wert lithesome, young, and fair and free: That something infinite gleamed from thine eyne: That transcendental grace enveloped thine In roseate mists of fancy's fair thought, (Far, far above ethereal worlds sought) Where acts of purity unite, combine. All exquisite conception there excelled! All human fancy mastered, there, by love! Where all that's commonplace, Appollo's felled With mastering, conquering sword, above! Yet opulence 'a th...

Sonnets And Nuggets
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