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Spare: by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex is an incredibly poignant and moving book that offers a rare glimpse into the life and thoughts of one of the most famous and widely recognized figures in the world. Written with raw honesty and vulnerability, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in the life and experiences of Prince Harry.

One of the most striking aspects of Spare is the way in which Prince Harry opens up about some of the most difficult and traumatic moments of his life, including the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. His reflections on this event and its impact on his life are both poignant and heart-wrenching, offering a unique perspective on grief and the power of love to overcome it.
In addition to its emotional depth, Spare is also a book that is full of insight, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom. Whether you’re a fan of Prince Harry or simply looking for a poignant and thought-provoking read, this book is sure to leave a lasting impression.



also worth noting that Prince Harry is generously using the proceeds from Spare to support various charitable organizations, including Sentebale and WellChild. This makes this book not only a powerful and moving read but also a meaningful way to support important causes. Highly recommend.

Spare By Prince Harry
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User Reviews:

Guest a year ago

For some reason my pre ordered book arrived 2 days before release date via Amazon. I’d been looking forward to this book for ages. I can take or leave the Royal family, I don’t like auto biographies either but curiosity got the better of me.
I read a lot. For me this book is well written. It is a hefty 400+ pages and the pages are full of writing, not pages half full of writing like I’ve experienced in other autobiographies I’ve read, trying to make a story. I learned a lot from this book, interesting facts I’d not known. I don’t envy any of the Royals the life they’re born into, they are without doubt privileged but their lives aren’t their own.
Do I like Harry more after reading his story? Possibly. Did I enjoy reading his story? Most definitely. Will I think more in the future before making assumptions? Yes.
I would totally recommend this book to anyone, either pro or anti royal. Very well written, kept me engaged and I learned from it. Exactly what I ask for in a book.

Guest a year ago

Don’t read this. Go donate to a food bank. Go write to your MP’s and stand with the nurse strikers to show your support for the NHS. (Fight for it!) Go call Rishi Sunak a prick on Twitter! (Not as proactive but it’s therapeutic).

I appreciate what Harry is trying to do, and if it was any other time I would probably lap it up. But right now, in this country, it feels tone deaf. We have bigger priorities than listening to rich, privileged royals with mansions who are well socially connected with the best access to healthcare dominating the tabloids. People are struggling to eat, get medical care and heat their homes. The UK government have dismantled every good service we have for the past 12 years and have essentially left us to rot and it’s having a knock on effects on our wellbeing and communities. And I’m supposed to care about this? I’m tired.

Guest a year ago

Although it is absurd to rate the book before reading it, but since it is written by prince harry himself, about his life ups and downs and it is a tell all, my favorite genre, i will give it 9 stars

Guest a year ago

All of the royal sycophants and the haters please sit down. It's pathetic that so many common people are so obsessed and in love with the royal family in this day and age. I don't think many of us Americans understand it, except that for me it is reminscent of the far right's worship of the Trump family. These are people who will never know or care whether you exist and they are profiting off of your hard earned dollar (or pound) for adding basically nothing of value to society. From everything I have seen, they aren't even particularly good or likeable people. They are just people. The same thing goes for Harry. I empathize with what he and William went through as children, growing up in a digital era and forced into royal servitude to the press and the people who are foaming at the mouths for ever more information about their private lives and selves. We should all be ashamed of ourselves - no one should feel entitled to see photos of children on vacation or mourning their dead mother. And while I am no fan of Meghan Markle, people need to accept that Harry is a grown man. Those blaming MM for all of his actions including writing this book are taking away his agency. He is not a hostage. Even if this were an abusive relationship, Harry has more power than any of us could ever dream of to leave this relationship and tank her whole existence in the process with the full weight of British tabloids behind him. I don't know if he can fully see the consequences of his actions at this point, for example, I don't see him ever being able to reconcile with his family after this, but I do believe he is being very intentional in his choices. While I have read several articles about the leaked book and its contents, to me, it seems little better than a two-bit gossip rag about celebrities, albeit these celebrities are a bit more eccentric than usual. It seems beneath Harry to air their dirty laundry in this way, but hey, rich people need to eat too and I don't know that he has the skills, experience, or drive to earn a living in any other way than by capitalizing on his past association with his family.

Guest a year ago

I thought you and Megan wanted privacy but you go on Netflix , Oprah , you write books, you say something and you do something else.

I watched the Netflix show and it was funny how you guys spoke abut racism and you showed us crowds of people welcoming and cheering you .

it is sad that throughout the pandemic and the economy crises people face, inflation , and struggles around the world we had to watch you cry on family issues, what a lame soap opera . It is appalling to watch that cry show in the mist of post pandemic era , while the setting is a mansion in LA , while people are still suffering from losing their jobs and savings. SHAMELESS

It is crazy mentioning some comments Megan received on social media , forgetting that this is a part of social media , we all get such negative comments, there is no way everyone will love you or agree with you .
BTW , I am not a fan of the royal family at all , however, what was Megan expecting ? Why are you and Megan judging the queen over statements that are appropriate considering her age , it is like of someone would judge you for eating meat in 200 years once having meat is considered a crime.

Grow up and if you want privacy just dont expose your self and your family , and please note it is okay to be rejected or unliked sometimes, welcome to the world of ORDINARY people .

Guest a year ago

I wanted to like Harry, I really did. This book felt like a middle child tantrum for not getting the largest piece of cake, ad nauseum. I wanted my money back, if I had paid for it. Now it's just 3 and half hours I'll never get back. I'm not sure how someone so privileged can be such a victim, over and over. Hopefully with the book coming out and his 15 minutes of attention, we'll be "Spared" any more of his attention-seeking drama.

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