The 18th Abduction

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I truly enjoyed this book. Some of it was confusing, like at first I did not understand why Julie was never mentioned. Then it was mentioned because 5 years ago (the book goes back in time) she obviously would not have been born yet. Problem with that timeline is Rachel was not her boss 5 years ago either. It would have been Yuki's now husband. All in all though I did like the book and am waiting for the next one .
This was quite a departure from other books in this series, dealing with a war criminal who faked his death and relocated in the United States.

Both the FBI and the SFPD also team together to find 3 school teachers that mysteriously disappear on a school night.

Are the cases related?
It’s up to the WMC to figure out just what is going on.
Storyline is over developed.

Patterson was a "go to" author for years a the WMC was a great story, ut it has been over done and it may be time to retire the characters until another solid book can be penned. Maybe Mr P


atterson has too many irons in the fire. He batting abour .500 with me.
I mean, did they just FORGET Joe & Lindsey had a baby... and that Yuki has a kind-of-important husband? This book felt like it was rushed when it was written and definitely didn’t feel like a Women’s Murder Club book. There was next to nothing in terms of collaboration with the girls. Not impressed.

The 18th Abduction
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puravjha07 5 months ago

This book was incredibly enjoyable to me. Certain things were unclear to me at first, like why Julie was never brought up. She would not have been born five years ago (the book travels back in time), so that was the reason it was brought up. That timeline has a flaw in that Rachel wasn't her boss five years prior either. It would have been the now-husband of Yuki. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book overall and am eager to read the next one. I have read it from kindle and and waiting for other versions.

Guest 4 years ago

Great reading, I like the women's club series of books, Lindsay Boxer is a great character and the story line was excellent, thanks.

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