The Alienist

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We know how some books you just go through, not properly read and some you just end up regret having started at all (we all know which ones, don't we?). But this..Carr's magnificent thriller was an experience. One of the best thrillers I've read in a very long time. This book had everything a perfect crime story should have: a good plot, a mix of good, bad and irritating characters, brilliant writing style. The flow of the story was smooth. I liked how Carr has presented the protagonist. He is imperfect, not unrealistically intelligent and impulsive. This, although, applies to all the characters in the book. They aren't perfect like it is usually portrayed in today's novels. That brings out a certain humanness in them. We believe in them, we connect to them, their sentiments echo ours.
The plot is simple: a murderer is loose in the 19th century New York, catch him/her before they strike again. The story delves deeper than just hunting the killer. It's a process. In this process we mi


ght find what makes us us. Why are we the way we are? Some things to think about as you plunge into the dark and grim world of Carr.
A most fascinating read. Highly recommended to all the crime, thriller, mystery..etc fans out there.

The Alienist
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Guest 5 years ago

I liked the plot but the book was too long and at times boring with to much detail. I thought it would never end.

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