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This book is a compilation of essays written for my favorite podcast, which bears the same name. While I had expected that there would be a third of the book that was new essays, or at least a fourth, in the end, it was mostly the same ones I’d heard before with one or two new ones and slight adjustments. For me, an avid fan of John Green’s earnest and heartfelt approach to finding hope amidst sorrow and existentialism, it was a bit of a letdown not to have more new hope to hold onto to and illumine the way. But I must now decide how I rate a book, and why? Is it a review of my engagement of the material, in which I’d give it a four because it was still fun to revisit all those essays and ideas again if a little disappointing? Or is it the review I’d give to someone who has not engaged with The Anthropocene Reviewed at all, in which case I’d eagerly take my copy off my shelf and thrust it into their hands and demand they take it home and read it nearly immediately? In this case, I’ll c


hoose the latter.

The Anthropocene Reviewed
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Guest 2 years ago

Gave up when the author said 'we can leave the Earth's atmosphere' and proceeded to waffle on about 'Fauxvid'. Guy's an idiot. It's writers like this who joined in with the brainwashing and dragged those down with them. Fool.

Guest a year ago

you sound like the typical internet critic who has no appreciation for abstract theories and ideas in literature. Also, I don't see how leaving earth's atmosphere can be connected to brainwashing unless you willingly keep yourself in the dark about modern scientific developments.

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