The Bible, King James Version, book 3: Leviticus

Cover The Bible, King James Version, book 3: Leviticus
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I'm not so presumptuous as to review this as anything other than literature; the alternatives are far far too contentious. And if you're reading the Bible as literature then the KJV is definitely the way to go. Not only is the prose and poetry brilliant in places, but its impact on English language thought is immeasurable. Psalm 23 and John 3:16 and John 1 all have their greatest power in this version. That being said, parts of the Bible are hideously boring as literature. Nehemiah is a long litany of the third grandsons of temple musicians, having only one significant bit to it: that being that the Jewish nation no longer read or spoke Hebrew and had to have the Torah translated for them. Numbers and Leviticus also have equally tedious bits. Nevertheless, the literature and its impact on our thought far outweighs the tiresome parts and this is a must read for a person with educated pretensions, even if they do not buy into its theology. Lastly, the essays at the end of this version ar


e both extremely useful and extremely helpful in explaining the historical context and import of much of what is written within.

The Bible, King James Version, book 3: Leviticus
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