The Bread-Winners

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excerpt from the book..A French clock on the mantel-piece, framed of brass and crystal, whichbetrayed its inner structure as the transparent sides of some insectsbetray their vital processes, struck ten with the mellow and lingeringclangor of a distant cathedral bell. A gentleman, who was seated infront of the fire reading a newspaper, looked up at the clock to seewhat hour it was, to save himself the trouble of counting the slow,musical strokes. The eyes he raised were light gray, with a blue glintof steel in them, shaded by lashes as black as jet. The hair was alsoas black as hair can be, and was parted near the middle of hisforehead. It was inclined to curl, but had not the length required bythis inclination. The dark brown mustache was the only ornament therazor had spared on the wholesome face, the outline of which was clearand keen. The face suited the hands--it had the refinement andgentleness of one delicately bred, and the vigorous lines and color ofone equally at home in fiel


d and court; and the hands had the firm,hard symmetry which showed they had done no work, and the bronze tingewhich is the imprint wherewith sky and air mark their lovers. Hisclothes were of the fashion seen in the front windows of theKnickerbocker Club in the spring of the year 187-, and were worn aseasily as a self-respecting bird wears his feathers. He seemed, inshort, one of those fortunate natures, who, however born, are alwaysbred well, and come by prescription to most of the good things theworld can give.

The Bread-Winners
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