The Chemistry of Hat Manufacturing

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Called adipose cells, and these throw off perspiration or moisture, which is carried away to the surface by the glands shown (called sudoriparous glands), which, as is seen, pass independently off to the surface. Other glands terminate under the skin in the hair follicles, which follicles or hair sockets contain or enclose the hair roots. These glands terminating in the hair follicles secrete an oily substance, which bathes and lubricates as well as nourishes the hair. With respect to the origin of the hair or wool fibre, this is formed inside the follicle by the exuding therefrom of a plastic liquid or lymph; this latter gradually becomes granular, and is then formed into cells, which, as the growth proceeds, are elongated into fibres, which form the central portion of the hair. Just as with the trunk of a tree, we have an outer dense portion, the bark, an inner less dense and more cellular layer, and an inmost portion which is most cellular and porous; so with a hair, the central por


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The Chemistry of Hat Manufacturing
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