The Double Curve Motive in Northeastern Algonkian Art

Cover The Double Curve Motive in Northeastern Algonkian Art
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CONTENTS. Occurrences of the motive south ofthe St. Lawrence river 4 PAGE Primary area. Group I Penobscot, Malecite, Passamaquoddy, and Micmac 4 Penobscot 4 MaleciteandPassamaquoddy 6 Micmac 7 Group III Adjacent areas south of the St. Lawrence 8 Iroquois including Wyandot 8 Delaware 9 Mohegan 9 Occurrences of the motive north of the St. Lawrence river 10 Primary area. Group I Naskapi, Montagnais. Mistassini 10 Naskapi 10 Montagnais 10 Mistassini, TStes de Boule, andHuron 12 Adjacent areas westward 13 Group II Cree, Ojibwa, Blackfoot 13 Group IVSaukand Fox, Menomini, Pottawatomi 13 Summary ILLUSTRATIONS. PACK Plate I. Penobscot chiefs regalia End II. Malecitebeaded collar III. a Malecitesquaw cap b Malecitebeaded breast-piece IV. a Micmacbeadedsquaw cap b Micmacbeaded cap forwomen V. Micmacbeaded coat VI. a Iroquoiswomansbeaded leggings b Iroquoiswomans beaded leggings c Huron beaded case for scissors d Iroquoiswomansbeaded leggings VII. a Iroquois girdle for cradle-board b Huron beaded


work-bag, made fromwomans skirt . c Iroquois girdle for cradle-board VIII. Naskapi coat IX. a Montagnaisbark box with cover b Cover ofbarkbox c Montagnaisbark basket d Montagnais barkboxwith lid 1 14 IV X. Montagnais beaded sealskin tobaccopouches End XI. a Montagnaiswomans cap, Bersimis type b Montagnais beaded sealskin shoulder bag, lined with caribou skin andtrimmed withmarten XII. a Montagnais beaded clothbag b Montagnais beaded clothbag c Montagnais clothpowder sack, embroidered d Montagnais beaded sealskintobaccopouch XIII. a Montagnais beadedband for hunters shot pouch.. b Montagnaisbeadedband for hunters shotpouch . . . c Montagnais silk-embroideredband for hunters shot pouch XIV. a Mistassinibeadedpouch b Mistassini beadedpouch c Mistassinibeadedpouch d Mistassinibeaded piece for cap decoration XV. Naskapi or Mistassini beaded shot pouch XVI. a Wyandot beaded purse b Wyandot beaded moccasin c Wyandotbuckskin beaded basket XVII. a Huron wintermoccasin b Huron slipper with moose-hair embroidery XVIII. Osagebeadedmoccasin Figure 1. Some varieties of the elementary unit 2. Double-curve designs graded according to . . . complexity 3. Design from Penobscot cradle-board 4. Penobscot double-curve designs 5. a Penobscot double-curve design denoting central place ofmourning inceremony over adead chief b Double-curve design denoting union of tribes assembled for ceremony 6. Malecite double-curve designs 7. Passamaquoddy double-curve designs 8. Micmac double-curve designs 9. Micmac double-curve designs 10. Iroquois double-curvedesigns 11. a Delaware double-curve designs b Mohegan double-curve design c Mohegan example ofdouble-curve d St. FrancisAbenaki double-curve designs 12. Naskapi double-curve designs 13. a Double-curve design from Naskapiwomans hat .... b Eskimo double-curve design 14. Detail of braided wool cord used for embroidery by the Montagnais 15. Montagnais Lake St. John double-curve designs, etched on birchbark 16. Montagnais Bersimis double-curve designs Figure 17. Mistassini double-curve designs 18. Huron double-curve designsfromwomans leggings 19. PlainsCree double-curve designs 20. Blackfoot double-curve designs. Northern Plains double- curve designs 21. Ojibwa double-curve designs 22. Sauk and Fox double-curve designs 23. Pottawatomi double-curve designs 24. Winnebago double-curve design 25...

The Double Curve Motive in Northeastern Algonkian Art
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