The Dressmaker

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I did this book as a part of my book group and surprised myself how much I enjoyed it. The story slowly unfolded and built towards a very dramatic ending. I couldn't decide whether the whole thing had been planned from the beginning or if a realisation that small minds will never change made her plan the final scenes.
An enjoyable and easy read

Review 2:
Deliciously Australian small town Gothic. The characters are fairly grotesque and shallowly drawn; deliberately so for added spoof effect, I imagine. This is not a book that takes its secondary characters seriously, but revels in taking liberties with stereotypes and then making them even more skewed. Masked among the small town petty jealousies, affairs, abuse (of all kinds), drunkenness, gossip, and other deadly sins, are huge unresolved issues which slowly reveal themselves. All cached with glorious, rebellious Aussie humour. I loved the finale. I saw the film months ago, and thought it captured the spirit of the book wi


th glorious, full-frocked irony.

The Dressmaker
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puravjha07 3 months ago

As a member of my book group, I read this book and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The narrative developed gradually and culminated in a stunning denouement. I couldn't decide if she had planned the entire thing from the start or if she had planned the last scenes after realizing that small minds never change. I had also reviewed this book on and kindle too

Guest 6 years ago

I enjoyed this book. It reminds me a bit of Peyton place. The best part is the journey of the Mother/Daughter relationship

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