The Fountains of Silence

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This is quite possibly one of my top 5 favorite books this year. It was my first experience with Ruta Sepetys' writing, and I immediately fell in love. Known for being a cross over writer, Sepetys is quickly becoming a new favorite with a beautiful blend of YA, historical fiction, and an edge of mystery. This story is told from multiple perspectives- all of varying backgrounds. The intricately woven connections between the hotel maid, young American photographer, cousin working in an Adoption Centre, and a rough around the edges cousin were so poignantly developed- I devoured this book in a weekend. I loved learning about Spanish history through the eyes of young adults- one of wealth, and one of poverty- and I loved the suspense that was balanced with a forbidden friendship, all leading to an ending that had me pulling out the box of tissues.
Another excellent historical fiction novel from Ruta Sepetys! I'm a bit embarrassed by how little I know about Spain during the time Fran


co ruled. This novel touched my heart as well helped begin my education about Spain and Franco. Although this is marketed as a young adult novel, to me it is a terrific choice for adult readers who love historical fiction.
This book was just okay.
I am a little disappointed, I had been waiting to read this book with great expectations, since it deals with the story of my own country. What I liked about it is that some aspects of the dictatorship were well-developed, but I found myself strongly disliking Daniel, which made it difficult for me to read.
I wish I could’ve become more attached to the characters, surely I would’ve enjoyed it more!

The Fountains of Silence
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Guest a year ago

Ruta Sepetys' brilliance cannot be overstated. I've read all of her novels, swearing each time that I'll name my future children after her book characters. She is among the world's best story tellers, fully immersing herself in the history so as to immerse us as well.
I was sad to reach the last page. I felt love, loss, sadness, true joy, empathy, and a deep desire to understand. Eternally grateful to Ms. Sepetys for "doing the work."
May we all learn from our histories and allow it to "flow through us" as opposed to creating barriers. I LOVE YOU RUTA WOOOO!!

Guest 4 years ago

This is an incredible book, I read it a little while ago and I loved it so much. It really hooks you in and keeps you wanting to read more. I’ve never read any books from this author, but I’m definitely going to since this book was so beautiful. 10/10 would recommend

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