The Guests On South Battery

Cover The Guests On South Battery
Genres: Fiction
She’d taken me to Gwyn’s in Mt. Pleasant to shop for a dress for Marc’s book launch party after she insisted that sewing two old bedspreads together and cutting holes for my head and arms would not be an appropriate gown for the occasion.
    I entered the reception area, eager to immerse myself in work so I could forget about the whole episode of trying on dresses, or the reason why I’d been forced into it. Apparently, none of the dresses in my closet actually fit, according to my mother, even if I did manage to get a zipper all the way to the top without any tearing noises. I had no idea when she’d become such a fashion expert, but she seemed to believe that Kim Kardashian–tight was not a good look for me. I wouldn’t have minded the comparison if I hadn’t caught sight of myself in the mirror from behind and realized that Kim and I had a lot more in common than I ever could have imagined.
    I took off my sunglasses and looked in surprise to where Jack stood in the
... lobby with the stroller and both children, who were now bouncing excitedly upon seeing me, which did more for my ego than a closet full of great-fitting dresses ever could.MoreLess
The Guests On South Battery
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User Reviews:

Guest a year ago

This story was so very enjoyable and engaging. This was my first Karen White novel.Now I want to read every book written by Karen White ever.

Guest 3 years ago

Really good read, couldn’t put it down. Very enjoyable. A good pace all the way through.i will look for other stories to read

Guest 3 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. The characters were cleverly thought out, so identifiable and the plot engaging.

eb100 4 years ago

I have only read 20 pages so far but it's great! I wouldn't recommend it for children under age 10 though, it is a bit inappropriate. The person in the story is called Melanie, with a step daughter, twins and a handsome husband. A great start so far, definitely worth a read!

Guest 4 years ago

Just wonderful! I couldn't stop reading once I started even if I had to sleep with the lights on afterwards!

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