The Gunslinger

Cover The Gunslinger
Series: The Dark Tower (#1)
Genres: Fiction » Horror

The Gunslinger is unlike anything I have ever read. Upon reading The Gunslinger, I really did not know what The Dark Tower series was about, and the first installment to The Dark Tower series really gives you an idea of who the Gunslinger is, how he sets out on this journey, and finally, what his mission is.

I really enjoyed several parts in this book. I've seen a lot of negative criticism about The Gunslinger, and quite honestly, I'm the type to give a book a chance and not let anyone else's feelings about a novel sway my judgment. I'm glad I read it, and now...I think its safe to say, I'm officially a Constant Reader. :)

The biggest, and really only criticism I have is, some of the scenes (and I won't describe them because its 2 a.m., I just finished reading it, and I probably should go to bed now, and I don't want to spoil anything for a future reader) aren't clear. I'm a visual person when I read, and I like to imagine the story in my head. There were a few parts where I cou


ldn't really understand what was going on, and couldn't get a visual in my head. I had to either re-read the passage, or I would just move on. Oh well...maybe I'm the only one who had that happen?

Now for praise! I'm a Texan, and I'm not a big western fan, but I do occasionally like movies or old westerns on television. Maybe it has to do with me being a Texan...maybe not. The Gunslinger brings you into a world, unlike anything I've witnessed in my life, and it was an interesting journey. This novel sets up the framework for The Gunslinger's long journey ahead. The very end has you wanting to read the next installment right way, The Drawing of the Three.

I really like The Gunslinger, by the way. He reminds me of Clint Eastwood, or at least, that is who I picture Roland aka The Gunslinger being. Heh, heh...maybe that's just me again? He's an interesting character, and I am highly anticipating continuing on his journey to the Dark Tower with him. :)

The Gunslinger
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shoumake21 5 years ago

ok I would suggest reading all the books before watching the movie. but as far as the book itself it Is a great book and really draws you in.

Guest 4 years ago

the movie was really good so this book better be better or else EYE WILL

Guest 5 years ago

the movie was really good so this book better be better or else EYE WILL SUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Guest a year ago

If you read the books first, you wouldn't think the movie was really good. The book is holy moly waaaaaay better!!! Did you read it yet???

Guest 5 years ago

i haven't read it yet so maybe after i read it i will give my opinion but again i might not do that because i'll be bored lol lmao lol hahahahahahahahaha

Guest 5 years ago

bum bum ding ding everybody sing sing

Guest 6 years ago

I watched the movie when it first came out in cinema and it was great it was also kinda scary at the beginning when the kids where near the town.And then one kid at a time had to go to the tower to stop it from falling over i have only just started the book and i think the book is also very interesting. I would highly recommend the movie to all action fans and the book to all action fans with a little bit higher concentration it is really interesting.Well Done Stephen King It is a great book

Guest 6 years ago

l have watched the movie but never read the book

Guest 6 years ago

I like the way the author was thinking when making this book

Guest 6 years ago

go go power rangers

Guest 5 years ago


Guest 6 years ago

what do u not understand

Guest 6 years ago

you stink
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