The Life of the Party

Cover The Life of the Party
Genres: Nonfiction

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: MR. Leahy's Gait Became A Desperate Gallop, And As HE GALLOPED HE SHOUTED: "WAIT, PLEASE. Here i Am?Here's Your Passenger!" "You did. Wot of it?" "Well, curious coincidence and all that?but my name happens to be Leary. And I thought that because of that you might " The stranger broke in on him. "Your name happens to be Leary, does it? Wot's your other name then?" "Algernon." Stepping lightly on the balls of his feet Mr. Cassidy turned back, and his mien for some reason was potentially that of a belligerent. "Say," he declared threateningly, "you know wot I think about you? Well, I think you're a liar. No regular guy with the name of Leary would let a cheap stiff of a stick-up rob him out of the coat offen his back without puttin' up a battle. No regular guy named Leary would be named Algernon. Say, I think


you're a Far Downer. I wouldn't be surprised but wot you was an A. P. A. on the top of that. And wot's all this here talk about goin' to a sociable func- ture and comin' away not suitably dressed ? Come on out of that now and let's have a look at you." "Really, I'd much rather not?if you don't mind," protested the miserable Mr. Leary. "I?I have reasons." "The same here. Will you come out from behind there peaceable or will I fetch you out ?" So Mr. Leary came, endeavouring while coming to wear a manner combining an atmosphere of dignified aloofness and a sentiment of frank indifference to the opinion of this loutish busybody, with just a touch, a mere trace, as it were, of nonchalance thrown in. In short, coming out he sought to deport himself asthough it were the properest thing in the world for a man of years and discretion to be wearing a bright pink one-piece article of apparel on a public highway at four A. M. or thereabouts. Undoubtedl...

The Life of the Party
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