The Little Stranger

Cover The Little Stranger
A good ghost story should have you behaving irrationally: stealing the night-light out of your child's room, or unable to sleep until you put the book in question in the next room. "The Little Stranger" is a very good ghost story, full of muted horror. An English doctor in a small post-WWII town becomes acquainted with the local gentry family: a gracious matriarch, her war-shocked son, and her capable daughter, all living in the decaying but beautiful Hundreds Hall. The family and the house exert an irresistable fascination, especially when some malicious presence in the house begins picking at the family members one by one. This is no blood-drenched sensation story; the sense of dread builds slowly through the smallest of actions - a shattered mirror, a dog bite, a locked door - to climaxes of shocking violence. Is the presence in the house simply malicious, or does it have a specific target? And what catalyst brought it into the world to begin with? The answer will shock you.
The Little Stranger
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Guest 5 years ago

Long and boring with no resolution. I kept waiting to get answers and never did. Started off good but just dragged on.

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