The Long Earth

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vicky says:
I loved the premise of this book--"stepping" into other worlds--and it reminded me a little of Amber in that magical way. I enjoyed the humor of the Lobsang character, the exploration of the ramifications of seemingly infinite Earths, and though I thought I would have had enough by the end of this novel--it has its wince-worthy corny pieces and skims over some character development--I have to say that as I return this one to the library, I am considering picking up the others in the series at some point in time.
romi says:
This really dragged for me. Rather than a novel, it reads as a string of vignettes the authors wrote to think about the universe, i.e., zero compelling plot. 50% through the book the plot is still very shaky, without any real engine of conflict. We have a prickly, unlikeable hero in the form of Joshua, a smug and not quite trustworthy dynamic character in the form of Lobsang, and a half ominous/half entertaining mystery in the group of ape-like hominids who
..."step" through worlds, and appear to be dangerous when provoked. Without any real dramatic engine, or reason to keep reading, I have to admit that I'm bored to tears.MoreLess
The Long Earth
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Guest 5 years ago

Great read, quantum thinking. Defiantly will be reading the other books in the series, thanks for the read.

Guest 5 years ago

Terry Pratchett as usual does not disappoint. I'll likely be reading the rest of the series too, although not defiantly.

Guest 7 years ago

I like it.10/10

Guest 6 years ago

I like your books

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