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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER II RAYMOND "applied Althuism" was the subject of the lecture that afternoon, and the large auditorium at the Chicago University was unusually well filled. Professor Mussey was one of the newest acquisitions of the University. His reputation as a philosopher was national and it was unique. He had struck out along new paths and was linking philosophy and life, ethics and business, in a manner no scholar in America had hitherto attempted. His "instance from life" with which to illustrate his lecture that afternoon, Professor Mussey had found in a well known Chicago business man whose death was of recent memory. He did not speak of the man by name, but referred to him as the "merchant prince." As the professor unraveled the career of this "merchant prince" various phases of altruism seemed to find thei


r exemplification in life. Everything this man undertook and did during his lifetime, in one way or another, benefited his fellow citizens. As an employer he had benefited his employees; he was a pioneer in the matter of establishing welfare institutions. As a merchant he had benefited his clients by his honorable business methods. As a citizen he had benefited the community by his generous acts ofphilanthropy: by the museums he built, the libraries he founded. Of course every one of the students knew the name of the "merchant prince" the professor was speaking of. The very description of the man as a merchant prince came from the newspapers, whose editorial writers never wearied of using it. The mothers and sisters of the students had frequently done their shopping at this man's store. Keen, energetic, young fellows, sons of business men, for the most part, who were themselves looking forward to a business career at the completion of their college course, Profess...

The Road
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