The Surgeon

Cover The Surgeon
Series: Rizzoli & Isles (#1)
Genres: Fiction » Mystery

An intense thriller, with so much detail...I know this has been made into a series and I can see why.
The Surgeon does not hold back with graphic detail.
Tess writes in a very beautiful style even if the words on the pages are less so.
This is the first in the series and was more based on the crime than the investigation,
I found the book slightly drawn out. You aren't hidden from who did it, it becomes clear as the storyline moves along.
I shall read more of the series, but feel I need to pace myself.

Gritty and gruesome.
To think the instruments they use at a hospital is supposed to save your life, like a scalpel,and to find out that someone is the killer and why has he targetted the women he has, what is the connection? Tess Gerritsen did a great job writing this and the characters are great! had me going after awhile, i just wished that i was into the medical field so i could understand what was going on a bit better. This was recommended by ReadAnyBook an


d think you should read it to.

The Surgeon
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User Reviews:

Guest 3 years ago

I enjoyed all the great descriptive details throughout the book. However, I feel like the build up to the climax occurred and was over all within one chapter.
Other than that, I really enjoyed reading this book.

monas books 3 years ago

I thought it was awesome. I couldn't put it down. The characters were all interesting. I can't believe the poor reviews I read.

Guest 5 years ago

This must be one of the early works of Tess Gerritsen. The suspense doesn't build up very well, but it is not a bad read either. I have read her other books, especially the Rizzoli & Isles series. Those were much better works compared to this one.

Guest 5 years ago

TG has a way with words, abundance of colorful descriptive lexicons make one's imagination soar.

Guest 5 years ago

Extremely Interesting, People Just Have No Imagination

Guest 5 years ago

This book is bad

Guest 5 years ago

Do not recommend, boring, 4 hours of my life I’ll never get back. Don’t read this

Guest 5 years ago

why is it boring?

Guest 6 years ago

I definitely recommend the April Henry
series if you like murder mysteries and kidnappings but not the body
in the wood

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