The Wedding

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Genres: Fiction
he said after a few seconds. “Who knows how long we’re going to be here.”We both took a seat in the chairs behind the siblings. A few minutes later, Anna and Keith arrived. Anna joined the huddle, while Keith sat next to me. Dressed in black, Anna already looked as though she’d come from a funeral.  Waiting is always the worst part of a crisis like this, and I’ve come to despise hospitals for this very reason. Nothing is happening, yet the mind whirls with ever darkening images, subconsciously preparing for the worst. In the tense silence, I could hear my own heart beating, and my throat was strangely dry.  I noticed that the intake nurse was no longer at her desk, and I hoped she’d gone to check on Noah. From the corner of my eye, I saw Jane approaching.  Standing from my seat, I raised my arm, letting her lean into me.“I hate this,” she said.“I know you do. I hate it, too.”Behind us, a young couple with three crying children entered the emergency room.  We moved over to make room fo...r them to pass, and when they reached the desk, I saw the nurse emerge from the back.MoreLess
The Wedding
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Guest a year ago

I loved this book. Such an unexpected ending . I found myself tearing up, it has so much meaning and love. The everyday lives of people do get in the way and it just shows that we all need to remember that feeling of love when we first met out significant other. It's never to late to embrace each others love.

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