Wild Western Scenes

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: perfectly satisfied, and seemed not to bestow another thought upon his puppies. This affair had hardly been settled before Joe made hia appearance on Pete. He rode slowly along down the path, as dolefully as ever man approached the graveyard. As he drew near, all eyes were fixed upon him. Never were any one's features so much disfigured. His nose was as large as a hen's egg, and as purple as a plum. Still it was not much disproportioned to the rest of his swollen face; and the whole resembled the unearthly phiz of the most bloated gnome that watched over the slumbers of Rip Van Winkle. CHAPTER III. Gicmi'H castle?Mary?Books?A hunt?Joe and Pete?A tumble?An opossum?A shot?Another tumble?A doe?The return?They set out again?A mound?A buffalo?An encounter?Night?Terrific spectacle ?Escape?Boone?Sneak?Indiana. So


me weeks had passed since the bear hunt. The emigrants had crossed the river, and selected their future homes in the groves that bordered the prairie, some miles distant from the ferry. Glenn, when landed on the south side of the Missouri, took up his abode for a short time with Jasper Roughgrove, the ferryman, while some half dozen men, whose services his gold secured, were building him a novel habitation. And the location was as singular as the construction of his house. It was on a peak that jutted over the river, some three hundred feet high, whence he had a view eight or ten miles down the stream, and across the opposite bottom-land to the hills mentioned in the prcced ing chapter. The view was obstructed above by a sudden bend of the stream ; but on the south, the level prairie ran out as far as the eye could reach, interrupted only by thi ow young groves that were interspersed at intervals. ILfhouse, constructed of heavy stones, was about fifteen feet square, a...

Wild Western Scenes
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NEVER LOOK BACK is a novel by F. Eugene Barber. A women with grown children can no longer take the daily abuse of her husband--he has changed over the years. She ends up in a small farm valley in San Diego County. She meets someone she really likes--they are both in their late 40's...but love crosses all boundaries...age doesn't matter. A good read.

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