In our time, the Internet is filled with sites with different orientations. But, despite this, there are not so many publication sites, and free of them - even less.

Especially for you, we made a rating of the very best 10 sites where you can find many free online books. On them, you could find both classical and passionate works, and technology fiction, and fantasy, and many other functions from both regarded and indie writers.

Discover new genres, go beyond the classical understanding of literature!




1. BookRix

Here you will look for a great variety of thematic literature of various orientations from indie authors. There exists a place for excellent, romantic, science fiction tales, children's literature, and much more. Electronic books can be read on Kindles, Nooks, iPad, and various other lightweight devices.


2. International Children's Digital Library

The greatest children's library about the Internet, which aims to "teach the young generation of tolerance and respect for different cultures, giving them free access to the best children's works from around the world."


You can freely download any works, both without registration and under your account. On this portal are gathered publications from all over the planet. Interesting literature:


"Yukimado" ("The Snow Windows" - "Snowy Window"), the author - Naoko Ava;

"The Legend of Maori" - "Legends of Maori" - National Library of New Zealand;

"All We Need Are Dragons" - "All we need to happen to be dragons" - the Serbian poet Lyubovy Rshumovich.


3. Google Books

One of the greatest libraries on earth (contains more than 10 million publications from the greatest US portals). Convenient advanced search, wide variety - all this is waiting for you on Google Books. Of the minuses, we can note the fact that some famous, along with scientific publications are paid.


4. ManyBooks

As possible understand from the name (Many Books - many books), on this Internet source you can look for a lot (more than 33 thousand) of free publications in free gain access to.

Here you will discover thousands of books, both classical and modern, such as:

"The Unveiling" - "Publication", author - Tamara Lee;

"The Art of War" - "The Art of War", author - Sun Tzu;

"The Secret Adversary" - "The Secret Opponent" -author - Agatha Christie.


5. BookBub

Here you can find both the newest bestsellers and independent functions from little-known writers. A daily newsletter will keep you informed of the latest developments in the literary globe. This service is partially paid, but the prices are suitable (no more than 2-3 dollars for some books).


6. OpenLibrary

OpenLibrary makes it possible to select from practically 2 million free digital publications of various genres. The peculiarity of the portal is the ability to produce corrections (!) In translations of some publications.

Of the interesting books can be identified: "Sherlock Holmes" of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and "Matilda" Roald Dahl.


7. OverDrive

OverDrive has the ability to contact your local libraries to check e-books on your personal gadgets. All you need is a library card. After getting it you can completely free of demand to get acquainted with classical and modern electronic publications in any place and at any time. Here you will discover more than 2 million e-books, along with audiobooks.


Interesting books in their catalog:

"Artemis", author - Andy Weir;

"Small lamps everywhere," by Celeste Ng;

"Beyond Magenta" edited by Susan Kuklin.


8. The Gutenberg Project

Project Gutenberg is still a relevant resource, on which you can look for a huge variety of vintage novels and older manuscripts that are open public domain. The organization cooperates with volunteers who digitize and then correct the older editions. For the whole time of the presence of this Internet source with their help, more than 50 thousand copies have been restored and added.


Interesting books:

"The History of the Life of Frederick Douglas, American Slave," by Frederick Douglas;

"Anne of the Green Lantern," by LM Montgomery;

"Dracula", the author - Bram Stoker.


9. Read Print

Read Print is a good convenient portal that provides readers with free access to classical literature. There exists a "bookshelf" widget in which you can add the books that you will be interested in, which you want to read.


From the interesting it might be noted:

"Jane Eyre," the author is Charlotte Bronte;

"Pride and Prejudice," by Jane Austen;

"A Tale of Two Towns," by Charles Dickens.


10. The World Open public Library (World Open public Library)

WPL, unfortunately, is not a free resource (a total annual subscription costs about 10 US dollars). For this amount, you'll get access to millions of publications written in more than 300 languages. They also offer free of charge membership for individuals with disabilities or particular needs.


The widest range:

Classic literature;


Academic and scientific works;

Children's books;

Graphic novels;