A Discovery of Witches

Cover A Discovery of Witches
Series: All Souls Trilogy (#1)
Genres: Fiction » Fantasy

This is romantic urban fantasy in disguise for the people who run away from sff with all the paraphernalia; or maybe in another analogy, it is Twilight for the middle-age group not for the teens; anyway a very light, mostly predictable and boring novel which was worth a fast read from me just because based on advanced word of mouth I expected an interesting book; this one definitely does not qualify having any and all cliches expected from both the UF field, the romance field and the "beautiful people" lit (eg Harvard, Oxford, moneyed + brains + looks field)

The one upside is that the book is written in a light humorous first person tone that doesn't take itself too seriously, so the teeth grinding from junk like The Historian is missing here and I do not feel i wasted the hour I went through this one.

One thing that is puzzling to me is why the buzz since this book has nothing myriad others do not have either; the Gail Carriger novels, unabashed UF and however much I found the f


irst not for me and they have similar stuff in a far more interesting set-up that does not rehash Templars, conspiracies and the whole Ivy League/Oxbridge non-sense...

A Discovery of Witches
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CathyRichardson17403 5 years ago

This book was wonderful, I loved it. It was a great ride. This is my favorite kind of books to read and I get lost in them.

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