Shadow of Night

Cover Shadow of Night
Series: All Souls Trilogy (#2)
Genres: Fiction » Fantasy

I think a lot of people miss the point on why there are so many new characters in this new book. First off she said that Vampire families are huge and variable and you also have to take in the fact that dude is wicked old and they went to the past so who doesn't he know....I think the book is well written there are some parts when it flashes back to the present time I would have loved to have more information, I have high and good fuzzy feelings for the 3rd and hopefully not the end of all of this.....what a fun ride so far
This was kind of a chore to read. I liked it about half the time, tolerated it a quarter of the time, and absolutely despised it the rest of the time. I am not sad that I am done with it, and, although I will most likely read the third installment when it comes out, I am not chomping at the bit for it to come out.

Harkness' obvious knowledge is impressive, but that historian's detail is heavy-handed, and it weighs the story down at times. Ther


e were times I had to put it down because I was just so bored.
This book exemplifies why I don't like reading romance: there has to be a conflict between the lovers, and it generally makes me want to slap one or the other of them, or possibly both. Seriously--Matthew is 1500 years old, for crying out loud, and he still acts like a neanderthal. He's excessively protective, but this is explained as his vampire nature. OK. I'll bite. (Couldn't resist the pun.) But really--even after some mishaps where his secretiveness has caused problems he still isn't honest with Diana. Has he learned nothing in the last 6 months, much less the last 1000 years or so? And she's a freakin' saint. Stands by him no matter what. But anyway. Still enjoyed the reading of this audiobook version. Haven't decided if I will plunge into number 3 or not. This is a good story, well-written, well-researched, but in the end, it is still a romance novel and that is just not my preferred genre.
For such a loooong book - not a lot happens. I was excited to read this -it takes place in Elizabethan England after all. However, i didn't really feel that I was reading a story in that time and place. We meet various characters like Elizabeth herself and Shakespeare and Walter Raleigh and even Christopher Marlowe - but really the story could have been in modern England, France, anywhere. This seemed like a middle book in a trilogy. A stopover really. I hope the next one has some excitement. And on a side note, why oh WHY must all vampires be so controlling?!?! Ugh.

Shadow of Night
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Guest 4 years ago

i loved the book it was nice and i didn’t think it dragged on too terribly

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Guest 6 years ago

I find this book offensive and personally it is a really shit read with some awful stereo types. I give 0.5/10

Guest 5 years ago

more than agree

Guest 6 years ago

Felex timba

Unicorn12 6 years ago

i love it

Guest 6 years ago

Fuck her right in the pussy

Guest 6 years ago

I think that it was really hot, and tbh, I had a boner during the whole kissing scene. Hmu if you wanna test that boner of mine.

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