Dark Reunion

Cover Dark Reunion
Series: The Vampire Diaries (#4)

This is book is way different then any of the other Vampire Diaries books. Since Elena is no longer alive, all there is a depressed and lonely Stefan that leaves Fell's Churchs, a mixed emotion Bonnie and many other difficult characters . In the six months after Elena passes Bonnie starts to get dreams about Elena, and she is telling her that "he" is watching them. Bonnie is sure that something evil is out there after a tragic birthday party for Meredith that cost someone their life. With Elena's help Bonnie and Meredith manage to conjure up a spell to bring Stefan and Damon back, to help them. But they all do not know what it is that truly lurks through the woods of Fell's Church.....

WOW! this book is so not what I expected. After reading the last book I was really disappointed, but I really enjoyed reading this book. What I loved about this book is that Elena is no longer one of the main characters, and so now the spotlight lands on Bonnie. It was kind of a relief to hear the cha


racters talk about something different and see things in a different perspective. I also loved how the plot of the book was set, L. J. Smith really is a great writer. The suspense and the climax the grand finale was unbelieveable. All of the books have been carefully planned out to go into one another, like if something happens in the first book and is never mentioned again, then all of a sudden it pops up in the fourth book ! This was such a great book to read, I hope many others enjoyed it as much as I have(:

Dark Reunion
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Guest 3 years ago

Bonnie is such a better choice to get a narrative from i love her and Damon, they belong together, night crow and redbird <3

Guest 5 years ago

The book is not that good compared to the seriesof episodes on netflix. Lol and ppl learn ur spellings beforeu read this book. Lmao ♡♡♡

Guest 5 years ago

I think the plot of the tv series significantly grabs the attention of a person compared to the books

Guest 5 years ago

My book is glitched

Guest 6 years ago

Yes book comeing your four comeingsoon the comeing so be lonering comeing be in

Guest 5 years ago

learn spellings first before you read any book smh

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