The Fury

Cover The Fury
Series: The Vampire Diaries (#3)

I'm not altogether sure what happened here - suddenly we're dealing with all the...well...stuff that went down in the last book, and we have Elena switching sides on which boy she likes so fast it will make your head spin. Then we have a refocusing on the bad guys, no one seems to go to school at all anymore, nor do they notice when anyone else does. I mean...this felt somewhat like a mess.

And yet I still read avidly all the way to the end. Why do I do this?

The thing is, I really liked the depth of the characters in this book, so I'm bumping this up to three stars. It kind of surprised me that I did, but finally we're developing the storyline that should have been developed in book one. it kind of makes me wonder about the books that come after this one - if they do get better as we go. Wait...does this mean I'm going to get sucked into more of these books?

Probably. Honestly though, if you want vampires go read Vampire Academy. This...was ok for an October afternoon, but I


wouldn't waste time seeking it out.

The Fury
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Guest 5 years ago

Its awesome epic and full of action almost perfect

Guest 6 years ago

Elena said that I love yo

Guest 6 years ago

it is good

Guest 6 years ago

they fucking suck

Guest 6 years ago

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