Drums of Autumn

Cover Drums of Autumn
Series: Outlander (#4)

"You are my heart - and I your compassion. We are neither of us whole, alone. Do ye not know that, Sassenach?"

And so another Outlander novel ends. And I'm sad and grateful for it at the same time. I'm sad because again I have to say 'Goodbye for now'. I hate this part. I would love to spent a lot more time with Claire and Jamie, Brianna and Roger, Fergus, Young Ian, John Grey,...! I was a little bit disappointed the Fergus had such a little part in this book. I missed him very much. But his absence made me fall in love with Young Ian. His first appearance was in "Voyager" and I wasn't sure what I should feel or think about him. For me he was a little boy. This changed a lot within the pages of this novel. He grew up to a young man who found his way into my heart. (view spoiler) Also John Grey is now one of my favorite characters and I'm looking forward to read more about him and his relationship to the Fraser family.

I love Claire and Jamie just as much as I liked them in the b


ooks before. Maybe even a little bit more. I'm not yet sure how I feel about the fact that we have more point of views in the books now. Sometimes the change in the pov was in a moment that annoyed me because i wanted to know how that storyline was going on but then we changed to another storyline. But that storyline was just as fascinating. So Diana Gabaldon do it however you like I will love it anyway.

"And when my body shall cease, my soul will still be yours, Claire - I swear by my hope of heaven, I will not be parted from you."

Drums of Autumn
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Guest 6 years ago

Love this series so much!

Guest 6 years ago

Do you want to read spoiler????? >>>>>>

>Since book 3 I waited for Brianna and Jamie to finally meet and I wasn't disappointed when it finally happened. I'm very happy about the dynamics of their realtionship. I don't like it that for Brianna Frank Randall is some kind of hero and I even hate it more that Claire got his ring back. I was so happy when Bonnet took it from her and then she got it back in the end. BOOOOHHH! Not cool! I wish for this ring to finally disappear and Frank Randall can go with it. I hate this man. I hate him so much. He told Wakefield to set up a fake tombstone so Claire would think that James Fraser was dead. That was a no go. I hated him since he was unfaithful to Claire and wanted to take Brianna away from her but since this book I hate him even more. I hope that Claire will throw away this ring soon and Randally memory with it.
I don't know how I feel about Brianna pregnancy and the uncertainity about the fatherhood. I just hope that the soon will found out that the baby is Rogers. But I think that we'll see a lot more about Stephen Bonnet. I mean we need a new bad guy ;)

Guest 5 years ago

I love the books. This one was special. I saw the first episode on Stars and got the books and read them all twice. No way you could get all this in one session but, loved what you did get. Wonderful books,. She is a very good writer.

Guest 6 years ago

Frank could be a jerk but they had an extremely complex situation. Frank was a very good dad. Not his fault Claire could never love him after Jaime. He had to try to be happy. I think he deserved to be. He took care of Claire and Brianna, allowed her the freedom to become a doctor while taking care of Brianna. Really not ridiculous he finally wanted a woman who truly loved him. And once you read the entire series you'll see he was trying to protect Brianna by taking her with him.
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