The Hedge Knight

Cover The Hedge Knight
Genres: Fiction » Fantasy
This was a refreshing read when you're completely absorbed in the Game of Thrones universe but have to wait until the show ends to read the books. It takes place about 90 years before the main events of GoT and it's a tale featuring a lot of familiar names such as Baratheon, Lannister and Targaryen and you definitely get hints here and there about how the story develops later on (aka things mentioned in GoT). There was a bit too much knighthood detail and description but other than that, I really liked it. Onwards to book 2 =========== A novella based in the Song of Ice and Fire world. I like these kind of stories, short, good vs. evil, and legend-like. Nothing much to be said here, the story follows Dunk and Egg on Dunk's journey to be a knight. There wasn't much character development but the plot was quick-paced and fun. No dark gritty elements here, just what would you expect how the legend of Duncan the Tall is told to children in the ASOIAF world.
The Hedge Knight
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Guest 3 years ago

can 't get this book to load either. some one should check this out...I really want to read this book

cgrant7337 4 years ago

Having trouble with the site...some books won't load even when I am logged in....what am I doing wrong?

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