The Sworn Sword

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The Sworn Sword is the second of GRR Martin's novellas following the deeds of Sir Duncan the Tall (more commonly known as Dunk) and Egg. Of course, Egg is more properly known as Aegon Targaryen but he is not to be confused with Aegon Targaryen the conqueror of Westeros. That was an earlier story. Neither is he Aegon Targaryen who is masquerading as a member of the Knights Watch named Jon Snow. That is a later story that someday, perhaps, GRR Martin will actually get around to finishing.

There is a reason why we call him Grrrr Martin. Some might think that "Grrrr" is because of his eternal delaying of whatever the next "real" book might be. But here, I am using the "Grrrr" to refer to his annoying penchant for recycling names. He comes up with a good name he likes and I can guarantee that every generation or so along his supposed timeline someone will be using that name or some minor variation of it. A variation like, perhaps... Egg?

You might ask, why I am writing this entire re


view to talk about a name rather than actually reviewing the novella itself. That is a good question. My answer... absolutely nothing in this novella is worth reviewing. Now don't let me mislead you. It isn't bad writing. It isn't a poor plot or horrible characterization or anything like that. Dunk and Egg are enjoyable characters in their own little way. I didn't hate this book. It is a decent use of an hour on a Saturday afternoon. It is just... forgettable.

So perhaps I could best say this story does its tiny little part in helping to flesh out the world of Westeros. Lets call it the left pinky toenail on the behemoth that is A Song of Ice and Fire.

The Sworn Sword
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