The Sinner

Cover The Sinner
Series: Rizzoli & Isles (#3)
Genres: Fiction » Mystery
A massacre in India, coupled with the brutal murder of two nuns in the US take a unexpected turn when evidence suggests they are linked. Rizzoli is back for the third instalment of this series and in this book it focuses more on the life of Maura Isles. This is an interesting read, but I can't say I was especially taken with the subject matter. I really like the style of Gerritsen's writing and I am looking forward to her next instalment but this one didn't leave me desperate to find out the conclusion. ============ This is the third book I've read regarding Rizzoli and Isles and although I wouldn't say they're fantastic or riveting, they are a pretty good read with nice resolutions to the stories. They aren't predictable. The characters are becoming more interesting too as stories of their personal lives are coming out or developing more. And, they involve 2 female main characters who must be tough in a man's world, but obviously cannot always be.
The Sinner
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