Interview With the Vampire

Cover Interview With the Vampire
Series: The Vampire Chronicles (#1)
Genres: Fiction » Fantasy, Fiction » Fantasy » Vampire

There have been a lot of books expounded on vampires. From Bram Stoker, who created Dracula, one of the first awesome classics, to Anne Rice who composed for more present day readers of the vampire myth? Meeting with the Vampire is the first of Rice's acclaimed Vampire Chronicles; it is Louis who recounts his life to one young fellow who was searching for the chance to expound on exclusive's rich and odd biography. Louis the vampire in this story is not as pitiless or dull as the correspondent first considers; Louis has the limit of awesome sympathy and comprehension of the spirit's dimness superior to anything most men, despite the fact that he is undying.
Frequented by his sibling's demise, of needing to offer the family estate in New Orleans, Louis at last chooses to give someone a chance to murder him whether it is by a mariner or a criminal, he couldn't have cared less, he simply needed to kick the bucket from the disgrace that he never trusted his sibling was gone to by heavenly


attendants. In his misery Louis' supplication is replied by a vampire, one Lestat who he supposes abandons him for dead. What takes after is a chilling record of his nursing back to wellbeing, and his new life as a vampire, one of the undead why should destined walk the earth, condemned and wonderful and additionally ageless.
At the point when Anne Rice composed this she was experiencing a troublesome period in her life, and justifiably this first novel in a series was conceived out of that despondent period. Her characters Louis and Lestat have been an incredible since the first novel was distributed and the book turned into an overall hit.

Interview With the Vampire
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Guest a year ago

You all are so young. Do not put Ann Rice in with the Divergent series, Ann Rice is a league of her own.

Guest 3 years ago

Bruh, this book is amazing. I've only read some of it, but I already love it! I wonder if something's gonna happen between Louis and Lestat-

Guest 5 years ago

The best of the original trilogy. Such a good story.The leads are men but it’s the girl who you remember.

fairygothfather 6 years ago

I love this book so much.

Guest 6 years ago

i like this book very much i love Claudia

Guest 7 years ago

Wtf u people talking about divergent series here for? This is as far from it as.possible... maze runner and hunger games r similar to divergebt, not the Vampire Chronicles... totally different world here

panda6115 7 years ago

i loved the divergent series i hope i love this series to

Guest 6 years ago

i love divergent so much because and i'm super fan it

Guest 7 years ago

yes iv'e read divergent I love these books I wish I was a vampire from Hadiyha Atkinson s.c bennetsville

Guest 7 years ago

Divergent is the best. Try The hunger games or twilight or vampire academy

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