The Vampire Lestat

Cover The Vampire Lestat
Series: The Vampire Chronicles (#2)
Genres: Fiction » Fantasy, Fiction » Fantasy » Vampire

This novel is the second book in the vampires' accounts by Anne Rice, and it would be emphatically instructed for fans concerning her work to read the first novel in the series, Interview with the Vampire first before the second book since it will have additionally intending to it.
In Interview with the Vampire, the book was told from Louis' perspective, this one is told from Lestat's. Rice utilizes a fascinating snare to bring the reader into his considerations. Louis' book has already been flowed in the human world, it is insufficient that Lestat loathes Louis' having composed the novel in any case, he abhors the untruths he told about him, and more than whatever else telling so as to break the vampire code the people of them and their Dark Gift. Making his kind powerless if the people considered the novel important. Louis sees the book distinctively thinking no human would consider it important by any means – for them it would be a work of fiction, not one that would sound like the


recounting a genuine living. Some could say he had it kept in touch with let Lestat know he was all the while strolling among them, unafraid and inviting in the new period where vampires would be looked on with a sure regard.
This is a bigger book than the past one, and has a ton more to give the reader; stories of what happened to rest of Lestat's family, Nicholas, his mom and how they wound up with a vampire coven. It likewise specifies when the Theater Des Vampires started.

The Vampire Lestat
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