Crossfire by Sylvia Day series

Let’s start with the most annoying thing about this book series, shall we? (Few spoilers ahead)

Too much sex/Not Enough Plot
In my honest opinion, The Crossfire series had the potential to be a really good series. Gideon and Eva’s characters are so broken but so strong. No really, the only thing that made me come back each time for this series was the bond between Eva and Gideon made me really love them. And I needed to know what happens, needed to know if these two get their happy ending. The plot wasn’t half bad either. But Sylvia Day didn’t focus on developing the plot line or characters as well as she could have, if she didn’t have them getting it on like rabbits every few pages.

The thing is sex isn’t a bad thing in a romance novel when written well because it can show the depth of emotions between the protagonists. But pages of pages of descriptive sex scenes just ruins the whole mood specially if it just doesn’t help the plot even a bit. Yeah, I get it they are broken and they feel that sex anchors them together, Day could have written it subtly and not as descriptive, that would have made things so much better and sweet. :C

And the dirty talk, hahahaha. It made me laugh more than anything.

The timeline
The whole book series span about in a timeline of 3 – 4 months. And so many things happens in those months which is just absurd. I mean if this was a trilogy at max, yeah I probably would have been considerate. But five books!! Sylvia Day give your characters time to breathe. Don’t flip their lives 360 degrees just like that. I think there should have been at least one time skip.

Good things

Gideon and Eva’s bond
I think Day at least went about the right way about this. Gideon and Eva have this soulmate connection. They aren’t perfect though, and they have way too many problems. But the way Gideon finally does give in for the sake of Eva and they get back together, its sweet. Specially at the end of book four. That was a cute and heart melting moment.

Relationship Growth
Gideon and Eva both helped each other overcome many aspects of their lives. It was not the relationship growth only, but also the personal growth of each other. With Gideon finally talking about his abuse to Eva also finally finding ways to be more committed in her life, after her abuse led to her own destructive path down the road. But again, this really could have been developed further. They had potential to grow more.

Overall verdict: Sad to know sex sells so much that authors would rather not waste their time with anything else. This could have ended in a trilogy if we cut of all those unnecessary scenes. And it would have been a decent trilogy.
Cover Bared to You
book 1
7.82 / 10
Cover Reflected in You
book 2
6.57 / 10
Cover Entwined With You
book 3
8.54 / 10
Cover Captivated By You
book 4
8.19 / 10
Cover One With You
book 5
7.98 / 10