Sherlock Holmes by Doyle Arthur Conan Sir series

The most famous detective in the literary world is written with a pen of an Arthur Conan Doyle and still remains the favorite of the public. Recognizable character had gained their own characteristic features, specific attributes, allowing him not to be lost among the other characters and to be familiar even to those who never read Conan Doyle. Even today, the film of many adventures of this detective in movies and TV series remain relevant. Feature of Sherlock Holmes will help to present this character as he was conceived by his Creator.
The main hero - observant genius, that is able to solve any case and unravel even the most complex puzzle, complemented by the image of a faithful friend, Dr. Watson, amore ordinary man. The author has devoted thirty-one years of his life (1886 to 1917) for this great detective making this genre of the detective novel popular and creating a lot of followers and fans. Feature of Sherlock Holmes is ambiguous, because we can't say ambiguously even about the hero himself.
The image of Sherlock Holmes was formed at the turn of epochs, in the time when Arthur Conan Doyle and his characters were living in this contradictory world. Detective can identify immediately as decadent Victorian and neo-romantic hero. Why feature Sherlock Holmes comes to such extremes? Because each direction had a strong influence on the formation. Literary hero- is the gentleman prototype of the character of this Victorian novel. But what is included in this definition? Previously it was thought that a gentleman – is a man of noble birth, wealthy enough to live without working. Because classes of such persons was recreational in nature, and their qualities were ranked the ability to improvise, the presence of the free mind. Over time, the criteria are increasingly blurred, and eventually determined the gentleman. The aspects of his character, personality, and financial situation became more important. Gentleman is a model of nobility, the code of honor, chivalry, and intelligence, equanimity in all circumstances.