Georgina Kincaid by Richelle Mead series

When in warm blood you tell somebody to go to hell, you can’t even imagine how inducing and electrifying it can be… Are you intrigued? If so, The Georgina Kincaid is certainly for you. It is an urban fantasy book series, which consists of six parts, created by Richelle Mead. When jobs in hell are concerned, a succubus seems to have a lot of advantages. The main character is the host of her life. She is an ordinary woman outward but inward…she is an immortal supernatural creature. This is her real innermost self, which she successfully conceals from prying eyes, sneering at men who are ready to satisfy all her whims for the slightest look.
But her life on earth is pretty dull. She works at a local bookstore day in day out. To kill time she drinks white chocolate mochas and often buries herself in bestselling books, such as ones by Seth Mortensen, her lust for him is very strong. But she cannot spend all the time daydreaming because there are other important problems to cope with. Something baleful threatens to her demon underground. She is on the brink of discovering that some creatures exist, which are welcome neither in hell nor in heaven.
Later Georgina starts dating the writer she adores more than life, but a single kiss can take his life. She is a demon, born to kill. However, love hurts! If they give way to their all-consuming desire, everything will be lost. She can’t overcome this temptation despite all her power. But not only is her personal life swollen in chaos. Her colleague, Doug, behaves very weirdly. And double espressos have nothing to do with that. Georgina can ask for help but she feels that she needs to solve the problem with her own hands. Seduction is her elixir; she has to recharge her own power by scoring points for her team in hell. That is why she is used to getting anything she wants at any time. But her boss in hell does not care about her problems. The unthinkable has happened – the immortal is murdered! So they are determined to pursue the insolent outlaw and punish him – he deserves the worst vengeance ever possible. As it is known bribery and corruption decide everything …even in hell – with the silent approval of demons on trial the criminal gives away with the murder. Meanwhile, Georgina suspects that Seth has run into some trouble…How far will she go to save the love of her whole life? She decides to break up, leaving Seth warmed by hugs of another girl. Then mysteriously all her power is gone and she will destroy all obstacles on her way to happiness.
Cover Succubus Blues
book 1
8.1 / 10
Cover Succubus On Top
book 2
8.3 / 10
Cover City of Demons
book 2.5
8.1 / 10
Cover Succubus Shadows
book 5
7 / 10
Cover Succubus Revealed
book 6
8.7 / 10