Godfather's Return by Mark Winegardner series

Finally, it happened! There was a man, who was not afraid to take on such hard work and his name is Mark Weingartner, he plucked up courage and continued the work of the great Mario Puzo, writing "the Return of the Godfather."As they say, the book turned out very very good. For the first time, the greatest novel by Mario Puzo - "The Godfather" was published thirty-five years ago. In 2004, Mark Weingartner wrote a continuation of this story, telling about the years that were not covered in Puzo's bestselling book and the equally famous film by Francis Ford Coppola. So, in nineteen fifty-five, Michael Corleone has just won a hard victory in a bloody war of five New York mob families. Now, in order to consolidate his power, to legalize the business and to save the family he has to defeat a worthy opponent — Nick Geraci, a bouncer, and former boxer, and a graduate lawyer now, incredibly cruel and treacherous.
The readers of this book will visit New York, Washington, Las Vegas, and even Cuba, to plunge into the world of law and politics, show business, and in the most unexpected moments. Mark Weingartner has created some of his own, no less vivid than Puzo’s characters, and gave the modern look to his legendary heroes. "Return of the Godfather" is a fascinating story that we love, carefully guarded, and sometimes scared, about a family in the first place
Cover The Godfather Returns
book 1
7.52 / 10
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book 2
7.78 / 10