Hannibal by Harris, Thomas, 1784-1861 series

For the first two thirds of the book the author slowly declines you to sleep, in Harris’s “Hannibal” and then suddenly hit the reader with something blunt and heavy and proceeds immediately to a lobotomy. The ending of the trilogy not only not expected by anybody, but it's just impossible, vulgar and unnatural. A brilliant psychiatrist, a foodie , an art lover, polyglot, maniac, cannibal and just an outstanding personality of Hannibal Lecter flees to Florence, to devote himself to the study of the history and pleasure of gourmet cuisine, fully dissolve in the atmosphere of the city and - in short, to retire. But unlikely he will succeed. Dr. Lecter is in a hurry to get back to the States, tucked a box of goose liverunder his arm and simultaneously releasing the intestine remains local in the best traditions of executions of the middle ages. Harris is already openly showing sympathy to Hannibal Lecter, moreover, he shows that the doctor, in General, is a good guy compared to other characters, he only kills rude people, and cannibalism is feature of a gourmet. In fact, there are not so much good people in this novel – The Doctor himself and Clarice Starling. An the other characters - a disfigured millionaire pervert, thirsting for revenge, his sister with the eyes of the butcher, the corrupt bunch of FBI and adorable purebred pigs. Yes, it could lead to the triumph of the rule of law but after all this event's it would be more pleasant to add some drama at least for the naturalness of the book. When Dr. Lecter carry’s the fallen warrior Clarice from the battlefield under the distant squeal of the pig-eating it is just fascinating. After this fragment, the further development of events is just mind-blowing, and for the remaining pages, we can only contemplate the work of Dr. on the creation of his Galatea, not from the stone, but from a humanbeing, though poorly dressed. The experiment was carried out more than successfully.
Cover Red Dragon
book 1
8.86 / 10
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book 3
7.83 / 10
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book 4
8.92 / 10