Immortal Rapture by Lilian Roberts series

What does the concept of rapture include? Awakening, seduction, passion, quickening, journey, fury, struggle, resolve … rapture includes all of these actions and feeling, which are also the book names of the “Immortal Rapture” novel series.

Lilian Roberts is the author of this series. Being a perfect mother, a wife and an avid reader, she has created such a vivid description of true love, immortal love that despite all the ordeals and obstacles can exist between two people. Lilian’s books in this series are romance thrillers that provide suspense, tension, excitement and a rush of emotions when immortal passion breathes into human soul. The plot strives to stimulate the reader’s mood and provide a high level of anticipation for the next volume to come.

The series follows the development of love between two unordinary people: Arielle Lloyd and Sebastian Gaulle. We are introduced to the main characters in the first book “Immortal Awakening”. The name of the book supposes the beginning of something, the awakening of two hearts. She is an ordinary coed and he is wealthy, handsome owner of an international company. At first they may resemble the other people and it may seem strange that they fell in love is but for one fact. She is able to hear the thoughts and feel the pain of certain others and he is immortal. For five centuries he has sought the one soul who can fulfill his dream of everlasting love. Then he meets Arielle, whose heart calls out to him like no other. A timeless love that has to be tested lots of times.

The story, probably, has a logical end according to the title of the eight and the last book “Immortal Resolve”. Can two hearts find a way to be together forever or will they be reunited only to experience their greatest loss yet? Start reading and find out the answer yourself.
Cover Arielle Immortal Awakening
book 1
8.34 / 10
Cover Arielle Immortal Passion
book 3
7.1 / 10
Cover Arielle Immortal Quickening
book 4
7.7 / 10
Cover Arielle Immortal Journey
book 5
7.4 / 10
Cover Arielle Immortal Fury
book 6
9 / 10
Cover Arielle Immortal Resolve
book 8
7.6 / 10