Legend by Marie Lu series

LEGEND is a young adult dystopian series set in a future America divided into two countries: the Republic and the Colonies. The story stars two teens–both ‘legends’ in their own rights–named June and Day. Their names sound confusing, I know. Let’s break this review down into FAQ’s:

1. What makes Legend Trilogy different from all the other dystopian novels?

The world building is solid and in my opinion, something that could really happen in the future (especially with the Trump presidency). The ideas presented in the entire story arc are futuristic yes, but the governing bodies aren’t too radical and scientific. Lu took on a traditional approach in setting her fictional world but still managed to be unique. Her America is still the America we can recognize, with only slight changes, changes that we can imagine happening.

2. Is the story focused on the romance? Love triangle?

Not at all. I did have issues with the two leads falling in love fairly quickly but the story wasn’t really focused on the romance so it’s no big deal. Legend is all about winning the war and choosing where your loyalties lie. There is a love triangle (square actually) but very minor only. The romance isn’t the center of the story to begin with so imagine how little these love square moments would actually be.

3. POV?

First person point of views that alternates between the two lead characters. June and Day kind of sound alike but thankfully, the author used a designated font and font color for the two of them. June’s chapters are usually dark colors like black and dark green (it varies per book) and Day’s are the colorful ones (gold, blue and red) which aligns with the cover design.

That’s about my FAQ’s. Let’s get to the two leads’ profiles.

Name: June Iparis
Age: 15 years old
Special attributes: Youngest graduate of the military academy, scored a perfect 1500/1500 to the Trials, the Republic’s Prodigy.
Name: Daniel “DAY” Altan Wing
Age: 15 years old
Special attributes: Republic’s Most Wanted Criminal, can scale buildings the fastest, Republic’s legendary rogue.
Cover Legend
book 1
9.41 / 10
Cover Prodigy
book 2
9.52 / 10
Cover Champion
book 3
9.38 / 10